Monthly Archives: June 2012

Israel: Tempting Unrest & Forgetting its Roots

An increasing social issue in Israel this year has been the influx of African asylum seekers into the country in recent years (see the race riot in Tel Aviv in 24 May 2012). It is estimated that there are around 60,000 African asylum seekers in Israel with majority of these, numbering around 40,000, being from the North […]

The Free Syrian Army, Learning from the Jihadi’s?

A BBC Article today noted that the violence in Syria “appears to have escalated” due to the evolving tactics of Syrian rebels. While this is true, what was missed in the report was that the escalation in violence has been occurring for some time now and helped by the numerous Syrian and foreign Jihadi groups […]

From the Mashriq to the Maghreb

I am interested in Syria, simple as that, and I want to share this interest with you, the reader. The blog will primarily focus on the current events in Syria, though I am sure this will inevitably extend to the wider region. For you that dont know the Mashriq is the Arabic word for “place […]