Disunity in the Syrian Opposition: Clashes in Aleppo.

A Syrian Rebel in a Kurdish Area of Aleppo (Credit: FirstPost)

The Guardian reported today that Syrian Rebels and Kurds Clashed in Aleppo today. For any future Syria this is a big blow. It was hoped that a future Syria could hold a place for all the different minorities in Syria, indeed the leading political opposition, the Syrian National Council (SNC), has said so in the past. However todays news that Syrian rebels and Kurdish forces clashed in Aleppo, killing 22 fighters, shows how divided and fractured Syria is as well as how disunited the rebels still are. Previous clashes between the Syrian rebels have usually been against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the more Jihadi elements fighting with the rebels, for example Jabhat al Nusra. (See here for an AP article on Jihadi and Rebels clashing). What can be seen from this clash is that Syria is fragile and the rebels not as strong as the west would like to think.

J Robinson: Twitter @jrobinsons


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