About From The Mashriq to the Maghreb

About the Blog:

From The Mashriq to the Maghreb is a political blog specifically focusing on known and not so well known events in Syria and the Levantine Area, namely Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. This is a personal blog and all of the views here are my own.

About the Editor of From the Mashriq to the Maghreb:

After completing an MSc in Middle Eastern Studies in the UK, I have been living in several countries in the Middle East, on and off since 2010. I have had previous experience focusing on Syria and the Syrian uprising with the United Nations in Syria, a London based risk company and a well known Middle Eastern based Think Tank. I also contribute to the Old UAR run by J Bertman.

About J Bertman,Contributer to From the Mashriq to the Maghreb.

Jonathan Bertman runs The Old UAR, a political blog focused on a wide range of issues in the Middle East that in his words “cannot always be explained using realism, liberalism or another political science term”. He has extensive experience looking at the Middle East with a particular focus on Egypt and Syria. He has lived in Cairo for 4 years as well as assisted a number of Think Tanks in the US and Lebanon in their work.


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