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It’s Syria We Should Be Worried About, Not Iran.

Forget Iraq when talking about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), forget Libya too when talking about sophisticated weaponry, and even forget Iran’s rhetoric of bombing Israel with a nuclear bomb when talking about the threat to peace in the Middle East. It is in-fact Syria that poses the threat by having the fourth largest stockpile of […]

Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah? An Update…

A follow up from my earlier post, Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah, a piece talking about the recent protest camp established in Sidon by the Sunni Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Assir, over Hezbollah’s military dominance over Lebanon. Despite this protest only established 3 weeks ago, the cleric has gown to really threaten Lebanon’s fragile peace. Established on […]

Signs of Trouble for Hezbollah?

In the Southern Lebanese city of Sidon, a rising star is threatening Lebanon’s fragile peace. Calling for a prolonged sit in protest in Sidon last week, the charismatic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Assir’s sole cry is against Hezbollah’s military dominance in the country. A Salafi preacher, who has been relatively unknown in Lebanon, he has helped […]