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Worrying Signs from Lebanon

It seems events in Syria are once again spilling over into Lebanon. The recent fighting in Lebanon’s second city this week has seen at least 15 people dead, including a Sunni Cleric, in violence fuelled by the Syrian conflict. This latest round of violence, while not rare in Lebanon, is a worrying development in the […]

Lebanon: Taking Advantage of Syria While it Can?

  Last week, Lebanon’s former Information Minister Michel Samaha was arrested on charges of forming a terror group to commit crimes in Lebanon. Reportedly he had explosives in his car, which were going to be used in attacks in Northern Lebanon, around Akkar, near the border with Syria. His critics say that he was planning […]

Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah? An Update…

A follow up from my earlier post, Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah, a piece talking about the recent protest camp established in Sidon by the Sunni Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Assir, over Hezbollah’s military dominance over Lebanon. Despite this protest only established 3 weeks ago, the cleric has gown to really threaten Lebanon’s fragile peace. Established on […]

Signs of Trouble for Hezbollah?

In the Southern Lebanese city of Sidon, a rising star is threatening Lebanon’s fragile peace. Calling for a prolonged sit in protest in Sidon last week, the charismatic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Assir’s sole cry is against Hezbollah’s military dominance in the country. A Salafi preacher, who has been relatively unknown in Lebanon, he has helped […]