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A different type of Islamic fighter coming to Syria from Iraq

Sayyid Zainab Mosque, Damascus (  There has been much media attention on the numbers of Jihadi fighters coming from Iraq to participate in the Syrian uprising (see my piece here). Indeed no one can now argue that elements of the Syrian rebels have been helped by these experienced fighters. These fighters, mainly connected to the Sunni […]

The Free Syrian Army – Not as United as You Think

A while back I wrote a piece on the Syrian Opposition and the disjointed nature of it, being made up of a series of local, regional and international elements. This time round, I want concentrate on the Syrian opposition on the ground. This is widely quoted as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although it is […]

Jihadists: Gaining Ground in Syria

Many articles have been recently written on the increasing number of fighters waging active Jihad in Syria, especially those associated with the groups Jabhat al Nusra and Kataib Ahrar al Sham (One of which is the excellent Time article).  No one can argue the effect of these groups have had on the unrest. Ever since the first car bombings […]

Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah? An Update…

A follow up from my earlier post, Signs of Trouble For Hezbollah, a piece talking about the recent protest camp established in Sidon by the Sunni Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Assir, over Hezbollah’s military dominance over Lebanon. Despite this protest only established 3 weeks ago, the cleric has gown to really threaten Lebanon’s fragile peace. Established on […]

Signs of Trouble for Hezbollah?

In the Southern Lebanese city of Sidon, a rising star is threatening Lebanon’s fragile peace. Calling for a prolonged sit in protest in Sidon last week, the charismatic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Assir’s sole cry is against Hezbollah’s military dominance in the country. A Salafi preacher, who has been relatively unknown in Lebanon, he has helped […]