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A different type of Islamic fighter coming to Syria from Iraq

Sayyid Zainab Mosque, Damascus (  There has been much media attention on the numbers of Jihadi fighters coming from Iraq to participate in the Syrian uprising (see my piece here). Indeed no one can now argue that elements of the Syrian rebels have been helped by these experienced fighters. These fighters, mainly connected to the Sunni […]

Jihadists: Gaining Ground in Syria

Many articles have been recently written on the increasing number of fighters waging active Jihad in Syria, especially those associated with the groups Jabhat al Nusra and Kataib Ahrar al Sham (One of which is the excellent Time article).  No one can argue the effect of these groups have had on the unrest. Ever since the first car bombings […]

In the Syrian Conflict, The Syrian Kurds Better Watch Out.

Last week, while the fight for Aleppo was raging, a little reported story was that of the Kurdish populations in Syria taking control of their own security in the far north east of the country. With Syrian security forces leaving the area to help bolster forces further west, Kurdish Opposition Groups took charge in a […]

Why is Aleppo Important?

The ongoing violence in Syria has now spread to Aleppo in a big way, with fighting occurring in much of the city, including the UNESCO World Heritage city centre. Police Stations have been ‘liberated’ and bodies have been documented lying on the streets, but is this city not just another city in Syria that has […]

Damascus, The Key to Unseating Assad

Apart from the obvious point that President Bashar al Assad and his regime are based there, there are other reasons why Damascus holds the key to a tipping point in the Syria conflict. The heavy fighting in Damascus over the last few days is heralding a distinct change in the Syrian unrest (or I should […]

Who are the Syrian Opposition?

Following on from my Special Post on Friday about the Friends on Syria Conference in Paris and earlier meetings of the Syrian opposition in Cairo I thought I would post on the Syrian Opposition.  With so many names of opposition groups being used in the Media, such as the Syrian National Council or the Local Coordination Committees, who […]

-SPECIAL- Friends of Syria Conference, The True Representation of Syria?

Watching the Friends of Syria Conference in Paris today it was encouraging to see the live coverage of some of the speeches on the larger TV networks, such as the BBC and Al Jazeera. Compared to a conference held in Cairo earlier the week (July 03) made up of several opposition groups, today’s Paris meeting […]