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Disunity in the Syrian Opposition: Clashes in Aleppo.

The Guardian reported today that Syrian Rebels and Kurds Clashed in Aleppo today. For any future Syria this is a big blow. It was hoped that a future Syria could hold a place for all the different minorities in Syria, indeed the leading political opposition, the Syrian National Council (SNC), has said so in the past. However todays […]

Is the ‘Buffer Zone’ really for Syria?

Late last year in the Syrian uprising Syrian rebels called for a ‘no fly zone’ (an interesting announcement, as at the time as Syrian aircraft had not really been used to great effect against Syrian rebels). This call soon developed into the rebels calling for a ‘buffer’ zone being set up in northern Syria, which […]

The Free Syrian Army – Not as United as You Think

A while back I wrote a piece on the Syrian Opposition and the disjointed nature of it, being made up of a series of local, regional and international elements. This time round, I want concentrate on the Syrian opposition on the ground. This is widely quoted as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although it is […]

It’s Syria We Should Be Worried About, Not Iran.

Forget Iraq when talking about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), forget Libya too when talking about sophisticated weaponry, and even forget Iran’s rhetoric of bombing Israel with a nuclear bomb when talking about the threat to peace in the Middle East. It is in-fact Syria that poses the threat by having the fourth largest stockpile of […]

Assad, Still Going Strong?

This weeks devastating bombing at the National Security Building in the heart of Damascus, which killed four high-ranking members of President’s Assad’s regime, once again brought the worlds attention back to Syria. Along with the fierce fighting across Damascus that followed the bombing in “Operation Damascus Volcano”, there has been much speculation about the future […]

-SPECIAL- As Damascus Burns, Borders are Literally Being Redefined

Today as Damascus explodes into violence, another key move was taking place in the north of the country. Members of Free Syrian Army (FSA) took control of the Bab al Hawa border crossing between Turkey and Syria as well as others along the border. This could prove an important move for the Free Syrian Army […]

Qatar: Winning in Syria?

The latest defection of the Syria’s Envoy to Iraq, Nasaf Fares has been hailed as a significant development in the opposition’s fight against President Assad. After leaving his post, Mr Fares travelled to Qatar where he announced his defection on Al Jazeera TV. But was travelling to Qatar by chance or represent a calculated decision […]