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Is the ‘Buffer Zone’ really for Syria?

Late last year in the Syrian uprising Syrian rebels called for a ‘no fly zone’ (an interesting announcement, as at the time as Syrian aircraft had not really been used to great effect against Syrian rebels). This call soon developed into the rebels calling for a ‘buffer’ zone being set up in northern Syria, which […]

Iraq Helping to Shape Syria or Syria Helping to Shape Iraq?

Much has been made of the regional affect of the Syrian conflict, it spilling over into Lebanon, the threat of chemical weapons on Israel and the influence of Iraqi elements in Syria.  As far back as February 2012, US counter terrorism experts confirmed publically that Al Qaeda affiliated elements had infiltrated the unrest, though this […]

Qatar vs Turkey Playing out in Syria.

As I have mentioned in previous posts last month, Qatar is taking an increasingly important role in the Syrian crisis after having a turbulent relationship with Syria over the last decade. Qatar has also been competing with Turkey in an attempt to end up as a major influencer in any future Syria. Now, almost a […]

In the Syrian Conflict, The Syrian Kurds Better Watch Out.

Last week, while the fight for Aleppo was raging, a little reported story was that of the Kurdish populations in Syria taking control of their own security in the far north east of the country. With Syrian security forces leaving the area to help bolster forces further west, Kurdish Opposition Groups took charge in a […]

-SPECIAL- As Damascus Burns, Borders are Literally Being Redefined

Today as Damascus explodes into violence, another key move was taking place in the north of the country. Members of Free Syrian Army (FSA) took control of the Bab al Hawa border crossing between Turkey and Syria as well as others along the border. This could prove an important move for the Free Syrian Army […]

Qatar: Winning in Syria?

The latest defection of the Syria’s Envoy to Iraq, Nasaf Fares has been hailed as a significant development in the opposition’s fight against President Assad. After leaving his post, Mr Fares travelled to Qatar where he announced his defection on Al Jazeera TV. But was travelling to Qatar by chance or represent a calculated decision […]

Syria and Turkey: How the Tables Have Turned

Even after the start of the Syrian unrest, Turkey was slow to respond to the atrocities that were being carried out by the Syrian regime. Nearly going to war with Syria in 1998, Turkey had employed a “zero problems” on its borders policy, in an attempt to improve relations. This policy proved successful with Turkey […]